Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Day 159 : 5 Months Later !

Observation : It doesn't matter how much time you spend ..
Illustration : It's not about the amount of time you spend thinking of a way to reach happiness ,, it's not about the millions of words you'll read searching for the way ..
Result : Unidentified search result ..
Conclusion : If you keep searching for your way to happiness , you'll never find it & if you encountered happiness on your path , you won't get the real sensation of it ...

I stopped blogging five months ago , as I started my own expedition of searching for the way of happiness . I spent the whole period investigating how do people value happiness , how do people react when they're happy  & more importantly how do people always search for happiness ( which was the same thing I was doing ) . Until I watched a TV Series episode that made me come up with the final answer to all the questions I've been having in mind for such a long time .
I remember that the dialogue clearly said :
" People get lost when they think of happiness as a destination ,,
Happiness is mood & It's a condition not a destination ; like being tired or  hungry , not permanent .
It comes and goes and that's ok . 
I think if people thought of it that way , they'll find happiness more often .
Happiness is a mood , not a destination . "    
It's completely true , I've been looking for this for too long and now it's stunningly obvious . It's definitely a mood , not a destination ; I was truly amazed when I kept rewinding this dialogue over and over again , and when I analyzed it I came up with this : If I had tried my best to sustain the mood of happiness when I had it , I wouldn't have spent such a long time searching for it ..

From now on ,
I'll try to keep myself happy with every single unit of energy I have .
I won't lose it again .. Whatever it takes ....